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When hiring a wedding DJ you’ll be faced with a vast choice of suppliers. As with any profession, the quality of the service you receive varies wildly from the excellent to the down right appalling!

So how do you choose a DJ that’s right for you?
  • Should I hire a band or a DJ?

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    Your choice of entertainment on your wedding day is amongst one of the most important decisions you will make in ensuring the overall success of your day. A good live band is capable of bringing a lot of energy to your wedding reception. However, there are some factors to consider;

    How will the band perform your special songs and respond to requests from your guests? How many songs and genres can the band currently perform? Does the band have the talent to perform the diverse range of musical genres needed to make your party happen? Will the band be able to make important announcements at your reception?

    Alternatively, there are many good DJs capable of bringing the skills and professionalism needed to make your wedding reception a success. A good DJ will be able to mix a wide spectrum of musical genres seamlessly to ensure the smooth flow of your celebrations. Unlike a band who will normally play a number of ‘sets’ with breaks in between, a DJ will provide continuous music throughout your evening whilst helping to direct the pacing and flow of your reception.
  • Meet the DJ

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    Can we meet you to discuss our function?

    I encourage all prospective clients to meet up for an initial consultation. This is my opportunity to find out some more about the kind of wedding day you’re planning and make some suggestions which I hope will enhance your day. It’s also your chance to ask any questions you might have and decide whether I’m the right person to entrust with your wedding entertainment. I would normally arrange to meet you again about a month before your wedding day to plan your reception in a lot more detail when your plans for the day are taking shape.
  • Does the DJ allow music requests?

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    Music is arguably the most important element of your event so this should be one of the first questions to ask. Getting the right blend of music can either make or break your event so you and your guests should have a say in the choice of music. When you book me for your event, I will provide you with your own on-line account. This is your opportunity to tell me about the songs that you want to hear as well as some of those that you don’t! Your guests can also get involved ahead of your event. I’ll supply you with a password for your guests which a lot of my clients will put on their wedding invitations. This means I have a much clearer idea of which direction the music should before I even arrive on your wedding day.
  • Will my booking be confirmed in writing?

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    As a minimum requirement, any reputable DJ will confirm your booking in writing along with the details of your initial correspondence such as start and finish times, venues, cost etc. For additional peace of mind, when you book my services, you will receive a written contract.
  • How much does it cost to hire a DJ?

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    Many brides I speak to will think nothing of spending £100s on chair covers to enhance the look of their venue and yet baulk at the prospect of spending a similar amount on their entertainment. However, spend too little on your DJ and you may well get plenty of use from those chair covers throughout your evening reception!

    There are plenty of DJs out there available for your wedding day. Whilst an average DJ charges an average fee, they may not be the best choice to entrust with your once in a lifetime wedding day. Whilst booking a professional might seem expensive in comparison, they will bring the passion, commitment and experience to making your wedding day a success.
  • Is your equipment safe?

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    DJs by the nature of their job are surrounded by numerous items of electrical equipment. For their own safety and that of the general public it’s important that this equipment meets the necessary safety standards. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a legal requirement and many venues are understandably asking DJs, bands and entertainers to supply PAT certificates before they are allowed to perform. All my electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested to ensure the highest standards of safety. In addition, I carry an electrical fire extinguisher at all times in case of emergencies.
  • Do you carry Public Liability Insurance?

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    Many hotels, corporate and large venues insist DJs are fully insured. If your DJ arrives to set up on your big day and is unable to produce evidence of Public Liability Insurance (PLI), they may be refused entry. You can obviously imagine what a disaster that would be! What if the DJ causes damage through negligence, a guest trips over a speaker stand or something worse happens? It’s in your interests to ensure you hire an insured DJ. I am covered by £10m of Public Liability Insurance to give you and your guests total peace of mind.
  • What happens if the DJ is taken ill and is unable to perform at my function?

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    In my many years of working I have never let down a client or been unable to attend a function. Having said that, I could break my leg tomorrow!! However, as a member of SEDA (South East Disco Association), If I am unable to honour your booking due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances, I will endeavour to find you a fellow professional who is committed to the same high standards as myself.
  • Will the DJ dress appropriately for my function?

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    Whether it’s a black tie event or a casual birthday party, a professional DJ should ensure they fit in with the dress code for your function (and yes, that includes fancy dress parties!)
  • It’s all gone quiet!

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    Unfortunately, even the best DJ equipment can fail. And when it does, it normally happens when the DJ is performing! I carry all the necessary spare equipment with me to ensure that in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, it can be resolved quickly and without any fuss.
  • What other services do you offer?

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    As well as providing entertainment for your evening reception, I offer a whole host of additional services to enhance your wedding day. Mood lighting is a great way to transform your venue to match your chosen wedding colour theme. Whilst a starlit dancefloor can provide you and your guests with a stunning centrepiece to your evening entertainment. I can even tell your love story with my photo slideshow service.
  • You'd like me to supply music for throughout your wedding day?

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    Not a problem. I am able to co-ordinate your ceremony music, provide background music during your wedding breakfast, microphones and PA for speeches and even act as your Master Of Ceremonies for the day.
  • When should we make a DJ booking?

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    Whilst I occasionally have late availability for certain dates, I’m rarely available at short notice. I am typically booked about 12 - 18 months in advance for weddings, so it is essential that you inquire about availability as soon as possible.
  • I have been quoted £250 for my party, why should I book you instead?

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    As a professional DJ running a professional business I will never be the cheapest option in your search for a DJ. However, consider some of the questions above you might want to ask those providing you with a cheaper quote. Are they happy to meet you to discuss and plan your wedding day? Most importantly, do they give you the confidence that they can deliver the kind of wedding day that you’ve dreamt of? I have all the required licenses, insurances, and procedures in place to ensure that you have a fantastic party, and I will not let you down. I have a wealth of experience with a comprehensive music collection, and I have a lot of passion for my business. Unfortunately, some DJs give the profession a bad reputation, burdening all DJs with the stigma of being “cheesy” or simply playing the music they want to play rather than what their audience want to hear. This negative perception might be related to the fact that the majority of cheaper DJs still only DJ as a hobby or sideline business. With limited time to invest in their performance and client service, many have little incentive to improve.
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