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Iain Baker - Wedding DJ

Without being too self indulgent, I feel I should explain a little bit about me. My love affair with DJing started whilst as school. It seemed like the perfect way to combine my love of music, earn some money and have fun all at the same time! I quickly became hooked on the buzz of filling a dance floor and in 2008 I took the plunge and went full-time, turning my passion into my full time job.

I have since gone on to perform at well over a thousand events and I love the job now more than ever. DJing matters to me through my membership of SEDA (South East Disco Association) I continue to develop and sharpen my skills to ensure I keep learning and keep myself and my performances fresh. I’ve recently completed a Master Of Ceremonies course which will allow me to add even more value to your wedding day.

Every step of the way in the lead up to your event, from your initial enquiry through to the last dance of the evening you’ll find me friendly, amicable and easy to talk to.
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Your Big Day

The mobile DJ industry has a generally poor image, with many DJs perceived as arrogant or worse still bad stand up comedians! My philosophy is that at on your wedding day, I am not the star of the show, that role is reserved for the newlyweds. My job is to ensure the music at your reception flows smoothly. I’ll make just the right number of clear announcements delivered through an exceptionally clear sound system. This is accompanied by a stunning, tasteful light show to accompany your venue.

At the heart of my business is a love of all kinds of music. I constantly immerse myself in new artists and songs and seek out new ways of filling the dancefloor! When I can I try to get along to gigs to see my favourite bands and artists. Today, my iPod features a mix of everything from Florence & The Machine and The Maccabees right through to 70s period David Bowie and classic 60s Motown such as Stevie Wonder, with a few guilty pleasures thrown in for good measure... ELO anyone?

Feel free to get in touch to book a consultation or discuss your wedding plans.